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Contact center of ConcordBank implements Ender Turing language analyzer to improve service quality

During a 10-week trial period, we were able to significantly increase quality of service control during calls and chats with customers through the implementation of Ender Turing Conversation Analytics, a language analytics software.

The location of the software on the bank's servers made it possible to process 100% of calls a minute after the end of the conversation and generate texts with the ability to search by content.

Ender Turing Conversation Analytics indexes calls by desired categories and displays relevant information in the form of graphs about the quality of service, the load on operators, the number of calls transferred to the next level of service, and other important information in real time. Thus, ConcordBank was able to automatically index calls by groups of features, which makes it possible to form an effective queue for listening to conversations by the controller, accurately identify areas for improving the quality of service and further training of operators. Calls from dissatisfied customers are automatically marked and transferred to managers for control and subsequent processing.

Additional re-equipment of the business analyst workplace and the addition of the typical query search functionality will help to identify such internal business processes, after the redesign of which it is possible to reduce the number of incoming calls to the contact center.

“We are very satisfied with the results of cooperation with partners and plan to implement other opportunities provided by this technology. In particular, a function thanks to which the operator, based on the analysis of the client's request and integration with the bank's knowledge base, will receive a hint about the response to the client in real time,” said Tetiana Dashevska, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of ConcordBank.

To learn more about the new development of the Accord Group R&D Department – a virtual assistant for the contact center – please FOLLOW THE LINK.

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