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Implementation of a language analytics system for the Government Contact Centre (GCC)

In recent years, digitalisation has significantly improved the experience of people communicating with the state. A service-based approach is gradually being introduced, making interaction between citizens and official bodies more convenient and efficient. This, in turn, strengthens trust in government institutions and encourages them to improve their performance.

One of the key factors in this progress is the accessibility and efficiency of the Government Contact Centre (GCC).


Like any service, the Contact Centre cannot function effectively without high-quality collection, processing, systematisation and analysis of information. Improving these processes is therefore a constant priority for the centre.


Taking into account the needs and requests of citizens, the Government Contact Centre:

  • Introduces innovative technologies to ensure a high level of service.

  • Updates and modernises its services.

  • A significant step on this path was the implementation of a comprehensive call recording and speech analytics solution from Ender Turing in close cooperation with Accord Group.


Here are the key features of the new system:

  • Advanced language recognition

  • Highly accurate transcription and text analysis

  • Application of natural language processing (NLP)

  • Integration with other systems

  • Confidentiality guarantees

  • Scalability and processing speed


The implemented language analytics system allowed us to:

  • Increase the efficiency of the GCC: Recording and transcription of conversations allows operators to focus on solving applicant problems rather than keeping records.

  • Improve the quality of service: Operator performance evaluation and call tagging help identify and work on weaknesses in the centre's operations.

  • Gain valuable insights: Reporting based on speech analytics gives you a better understanding of the needs and emotions of applicants, as well as optimising the centre's performance.


Thanks to the flexible settings of the Ender Turing system, in addition to the main goals, automation was also added that the customer can use in their work. The idea is to automatically evaluate the agent's work according to the set criteria, followed by verification of the assessments by the staff.


The implemented Ender Turing solution is a tool for analysing and assessing the quality of service provided when citizens apply. The system converts recordings into texts, marks important points, analyses emotions, and calculates conversation dynamics metrics. In this way, the system helps make employees' work more efficient.


Customers can use speech analytics for greater automation – there is no need to manually evaluate calls, from transcription to analysis, the entire process is automated. The customer's speech analytics includes comprehensive reports and dashboards on the contact centre's performance. Maps of individual indicators allow teams to analyse agent performance and identify trends that need to be improved. Based on the data obtained, supervisors and managers can quickly prepare training plans suitable for each agent.


Accord Group: Detailed analysis and successful implementation


Accord Group studied the customer's needs and expectations in detail, clearly outlined the project goals and objectives, and formed a work plan with agreed implementation timeframes. The team proposed and implemented virtual machines for fault-tolerant operation of the call recording system using the customer's existing data centres, which saved money. Based on Ender Turing's technical requirements, Accord Group specialists designed and deployed the infrastructure for the uninterrupted operation of the integrated solution on the customer's servers. The infrastructure is based on the Eleveo call recording system, which transfers calls to Ender Turing for further analysis.


Accord Group took care of the seamless integration of Eleveo with Ender Turing's speech analytics, ensuring efficient and convenient use of both systems.


As part of this solution, an environment for continuous monitoring of the systems was also set up, which is currently being maintained and updated.


In the future, Accord Group acts as the first line of support for the recording system and speech analytics, working closely with Ender Turing.


Using language analytics for other industries


Language analytics developed by Ender Turing has found wide application in various industries around the world. It is already in use in the banking sector, insurance companies, healthcare institutions and other government organisations.


The introduction of language analytics in government organisations can significantly contribute to the creation of a single information space for the state, especially in terms of processing and responding to citizen requests. It is also a powerful tool for government organisations, contributing to the creation of a single, efficient information space to optimise the interaction of citizens with the state apparatus.


Dmytro Lytvyn, Chief Development Officer at Accord Group: “This project is of great importance for Accord Group, as it has the potential for further development and opens up opportunities for the implementation of new advanced solutions for our other clients. The implementation itself turned out to be quite interesting, as it was our first experience of using the Eleveo call recording system in combination with Ender Turing speech analytics. Together with the customer, we made an important step in integrating telephony and non-voice calls with artificial intelligence. We are completely satisfied with the project implementation and the results of the implementation.”


Olena Iosifova, Member of the Board at Ender Turing: “Cooperation with Accord Group on the project for the Government Contact Centre (GCC) has been a positive experience for Ender Turing. Accord Group, as the technical executor of the project, has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and responsibility. We would like to highlight Accord Group's adherence to high standards of data security and privacy. The use of secure protocols and data encryption guarantees reliable protection of citizens' information, which is one of the key priorities of Ender Turing. The introduction of speech analytics at the GCC has significantly increased the centre's operational efficiency. Thanks to a better understanding of citizens' needs, GCC agents can now provide faster and better service. Another important aspect of the project was the successful integration of new technologies with the GCC's existing systems. Ender Turing notes the smoothness and efficiency of this process, which was made possible by the coordinated work of all project participants."


Andrii Ruslanovych Sakhniuk, Head of Engineering and Technical Support Department at the Government Contact Centre: “The main goal of the speech analytics project was to replace the existing functionality with a more practical solution that would also expand the automation capabilities of our internal processes. We are pleased with the result, as all project participants worked in a coordinated and efficient manner. This was the first experience of such trilateral cooperation, and it proved to be constructive and effective. The implementation of language analytics is already yielding positive results. We expect this solution to help us significantly improve the quality of customer service, optimise the centre's performance and gain valuable insights for further development.”

* The Government Contact Centre (GCC) was established in 2009 as a mechanism of interaction between the government and citizens, which allows to promptly resolve problematic issues raised in citizens' appeals, as well as to improve the work of executive authorities, taking into account public opinion. Applications are received by the GCC specialists by means of telephone and electronic communication and sent to the executive authorities in accordance with their competences.


* Accord Group is a Ukrainian IT company that provides comprehensive system integration services and helps customers adapt to the dynamic requirements of the digital world.


* Ender Turing is a European vendor of technologies and software products that help to obtain a full range of business insights from instant analysis of voice and digital conversations in call centres and support services.



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