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Stretching practice for data center

Speed ​​and flexibility are called vital qualities of IT departments of modern organizations. And although they ensure survival in war conditions, however, ignoring elementary safety rules leads to dubious results.

Migration to the cloud on a “pick and migrate” basis looks like an attractive prospect to save data at the risk of physical destruction of the data center, but a large number of companies have seen that there are many difficulties along the way, and unfortunately, there is no universal answer.

Among the clients of Accord Group there are many who initially planned to move all their programs to the cloud. But this option was hindered by their outdated workloads.

Like many of them, they found themselves managing a data center, a public cloud environment, a disaster recovery site, and various workloads distributed among them. This became unacceptable, and they needed better visibility, consistency, and control across all of their computing domains.

Some might say that companies like this need better stretch to connect disparate environments. But stretching to break deprives them of elasticity in a hybrid multi-cloud world.

I would argue that companies need connective tissue between multiple clouds and data centers, and that is what software-defined networking (SDN) solutions like Cisco ACI and Cisco Cloud ACI provide.

By abstracting the overarching intent from underlying constructs that are different for each cloud and on-premises environment, SDN greatly reduces the burden and complexity of managing multiple domains. And software-defined policies not only provide the automation and consistency you need to place workloads anywhere, but also make it quick and easy to move them when needed.

Computing environments and priorities are different for every company, but in a hybrid and multi-cloud world, connectivity has become a universal need.

We at Accord Group have extensive experience building application-oriented networks and cloud migrations, and are ready to help you build resilient, independent systems.

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